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Thursday, October 20, 2005

wow ! i havent been blogging so looongg...aaarrghh..many things happened.Exams are over!finally!i havent been going to school these days.ive been going ou.lepaking there.watching movies.and then theres my dearie friend szeyee who got admitted to the hospital for operation.aw man.its aweful!oh yeah!this is so cool man.yesterday i had a phone call from the fitness centre saying that im invited to go for their 7days thingie.and i get to exercise there and im a member and all those stuff.so surprising!so i have to go collect my membership card this weekend.ohgosh.besides,i get to loose some weight if im suppose to go there.haha.cool eh?!anyway here i am,wana say to szeyee.Get Well Soon girl!!we still have to go see Andy!heehee.

`4:15 AM
Friday, October 07, 2005

i had a really bad dream last night.when i woke up early this morning i can clearly remember what happened in my dream.well ehe im not going to say it out loud here.after that dream,i felt like theres something poking me.it hurts alot.sigh..i really duno wheter i should give up this friendship or go on with it ?? well like what my friends say whats life without problems..alrighty then today was really a bad day for me..i just have no mood today so i lie down on my bed practically the whole afternoon staring at my ceiling..i should be studying.oh what the hell!!??

`11:23 PM
Wednesday, October 05, 2005

ALRIGHT.FUN'S OVER.its already wednesday.i enjoyed and slacked like shit for like..err 1,2,3..6 DAYS!!eeee.kill me!cough cough *breath in,breath out*i have to.i repeat myself.I HAVE to continue studying otherwise im in a hundred and one total dead trouble.hmm what i did these pass few days?i lepaked in Ou,sleep,eat,read.ahah what else is NEW?!oh and im having this problem.no idea wheter i should mention its a big nor a small problem.ok.get to the point!im Invited to 2 of my close friends birthday party next sat.apparently it CLASHES.aww thats REALLY BAD.maybe i should go for both?or one ?or ... dammitt...HOWW??? right my dear fellow friends..do help me!!

`4:33 AM
Friday, September 30, 2005

whee..exams are well,kinda over .not yet.urgghh ..but anyway today i visited ANDY!!!finally.pheeww.hehe
i went Ou today with marsh,trish,fioge and jee.we shopped and watched The Skeleton Key.it was damn scary laa ...not boring at all.very thrilling!!haha.met almost the whole world there .aha except the form3's .duh.pmr is like next week.freeaky.it seems like im the one sitting for it.i can simply imagine myself going in the hall again.goodness.and i passed andy's twice.i seriously wanted to go in already but my friends wasnt interested.bluehz.shheessh man.at least i get to see him and i ll definetly go in when i have the chance.definetly!with sze yee !!!rytee??oh and jovi too.haha.ohwell,i just wana throw myself onto my comfy bed and doze off.hahah.so till then .cya guys

`2:43 AM
Tuesday, September 27, 2005

oh dear.i think ive just LOST a dear friend. =( i feel reallly reaaally bad.i just feel like crying now but i got to control.sigh .if only all these stuff didnt happen at all.We must really learn to appreaciate those beside us cos you will never know when its goes and comes.ok i wont go on anymore.its just another depressing entry.urghh.its gona be boringg.and i seriously HATE exams!!rraarr.

`10:45 PM
Sunday, September 25, 2005

sighz.exams equals stress.dammit.another 2 weeks for it to be over.double sigh.anyhoo,today attended my cousins wedding somewhere in Kl.it was cool.and i mean very.one thing about relatives wedding is that we can gather together.its NOT easy for us to meet eachother.i just feel very very Thankful.to you people 0ut there,just appreaciate what you are having now.no use regreting later.oh my gosh and many poured out because its been so long since we ever met.awww,i feel touched.haha dinner was great.we had sharkfin sup!!!weee.haha.had lotsa fun but felt bored at the starting.haha.hmm i just wished the night didnt ended.urghh now i have to go back to studying.dead darnn boringg i tell youuu. grr.

`10:50 PM
Saturday, September 24, 2005

He Rocks Socks MAN!!!!it was darn scary before they crowned the Winner.gosh..i prayed and prayed.i really thought it was gona be Nita.well,no doubt shes good too.and eventually they announced the Winner and it was DANIEL.i started screaming and my tears went rolling down my cheeks.just coudnt control it.damn happy ...bet everyone is feeling the same too aittee??Congratz Daniel !!

`8:02 AM

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